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Must visit places on a Scotland road trip itinerary in one or two weeks

by | Jan 21, 2023 | Blog

A Scotland road trip is the perfect way to explore the country’s stunning scenery and rich history. Here are 12 must-visit places to include on your itinerary.

1. Isle of Skye
2. Edinburgh
3. Glasgow
4. Loch Ness
5. Inverness
6. Pitlochry
7. Fort William
8. St. Andrews
9. Aberdeen
10. Dundee
11. The Highlands
12. Glasgow Cathedral

What to do in Scotland in two weeks?

There are a few different ways to spend two weeks in Scotland. One option is to spend two days in Edinburgh, then visit castles like Scone Palace, Stirling, and Blair Castle for one day. Another option is to spend a day at Loch Ness, followed by a road trip through the Northern Highlands for 3 1/2 days. Finally, you could visit the Isle of Skye for two days and conclude your trip with a visit to Glen Coe Valley and Glenfinnan.

Whether you’re looking for breathtaking scenery, historic landmarks or simply a nice place to take a drive, Scotland has something for everyone. Here are six of the best road trips the country has to offer:

1. Snow Roads Scenic Route: This picturesque route takes you through the Cairngorms National Park, past lochs and mountain ranges.

2. Glenshee South West Coastal 300: This scenic route takes you through some of Scotland’s most beautiful coastline, with sweeping views of the Isle of Arran.

3. North Coast 500: This 500-mile route takes you along Scotland’s stunning north coast, past castles, beaches and villages.

4. The Argyll Coastal Route: This scenic route takes you through the stunning countryside of Argyll, past lochs, mountains and forests.

5. The Borders Historic Route: This historic route takes you through some of Scotland’s most important historical sites, including Abbotsford House and Melrose Abbey.

6. The North East 250: This 250-mile route takes you through the picturesque scenery of the Scottish Highlands, past lochs, castles and villages.

Is 2 weeks enough in Scotland?

I couldn’t agree more! Two weeks is the perfect amount of time to explore Scotland and all it has to offer. From the bustling cities to the stunning Highlands and everything in between, you’ll be able to create lasting memories and have plenty of adventures. Be sure to visit some of the incredible castles and tour the national parks – you won’t be disappointed!

If you’re ever in Edinburgh, be sure to check out Arthur’s Seat! This landmark is one of the most highly-rated attractions in Scotland, with over 21,000 mainly glowing reviews. Rach said: “An amazing spot we visited while travelling through the country and hope to go back. Great scenery and views!”


What is the most beautiful road in Scotland?

Scotland is home to some of the most stunning landscapes in the world, and there are plenty of great drives to enjoy them. Here are some of the best scenic drives in Scotland:

The Argyll Coastal Route is a 129-mile drive that takes in some of the most beautiful scenery in the country, including the Island of Mull and the Trossachs National Park.

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The Borders Historic Route is a 89-mile drive that takes in some of Scotland’s most historic towns and castles, including Stirling Castle and Melrose Abbey.

The Deeside Tourist Route is a 108-mile drive that takes in the picturesque Cairngorms National Park and the Royal Deeside area, home to the Queen’s Balmoral estate.

The Fife Coastal Route is a 77-mile drive that takes in the picturesque East Neuk of Fife, home to pretty fishing villages and the St Andrews golf course.

The Forth Valley Tourist Route is a 43-mile drive that takes in the beautiful Loch Lomond and the Trossachs National Park.

The Highland Tourist Route is a 116-mile drive that takes in the stunning landscapes of the Scottish Highlands, including Glencoe and Loch

Dunnottar Castle is a picturesque ruined castle situated on a clifftop overlooking the North Sea in Aberdeenshire, Scotland. The castle has been used as a film location for several films and TV series, most notably Outlander and braving the Elements.

Bow Fiddle Rock is a natural rock arch formed by erosion situated on the Moray coast in Scotland. The rock is a popular spot for photographers and nature lovers alike.

Isle of Iona is a small island off the coast of Mull in the Inner Hebrides. The island is home to a number of historical sites, including the ruins of Iona Abbey, and is a popular destination for pilgrims and nature lovers alike.

Traigh Hornais Clachan Sands is a stunning white sand beach situated on the island of North Uist in the Outer Hebrides. The beach is a popular spot for swimming, sunbathing and picnicking.

Bealach Na Ba is a mountain pass situated in Wester Ross in the Scottish Highlands. The pass is popular with hikers and cyclists and offers stunning views of the surrounding countryside.

Loch Ken is a freshwater loch situated in the Galloway Forest Park in Dumfries and Gall

How do I plan a road trip to Scotland

There is no one size fits all answer to this question, as the best way to go about planning your itinerary for a road trip in Scotland will vary depending on your individual preferences and the amount of time you have available. However, some tips on how to plan your trip might include:

– Deciding where in Scotland you would like to focus your road trip. There are many beautiful and scenic areas to explore, so it might be helpful to narrow down your options before planning your route.

– Once you have chosen your area, start plotting out your Scotland road trip route. Take into account the places you would like to visit and any stopping points you might want to make for the night.

– Find the best places to visit in your chosen area of Scotland. Consider both popular tourist destinations as well as hidden gems that might be off the beaten path.

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– Choose your stopping points for the night. When planning your Scotland road trip, be sure to factor in where you will be staying each night. This will help you to determine the best route to take and how long you can realistically drive each day.

– Plan your Scotland road trip route. Once you have all of the above information, you can start mapping out your exact

1 day in Glasgow to explore the city’s museums and architecture.

1 day in the Highlands to experience the natural beauty of the area.

2 days in the Isle of Skye to hiking and admire the island’s scenery.

1 day in Inverness to learn about the Battle of Culloden.

2 days in the Scottish Borders to explore the area’s history and castles.

What can you legally do at 15 Scotland?

At 15 you can see a ’15’ rated film on your own and rent or buy a ’15’ rated film. If you are under 16 and have a child it is your decision whether or not to give the child up for adoption. Only your consent is required. Work up to eight hours per day, and 35 hours per week during holidays.

While buses are a popular and affordable way to get around the country, I would recommend avoiding flying if at all possible. Buses can be very cramped and uncomfortable, and the air quality on buses is often not very good. Additionally, bus schedules can be very unpredictable, which can make travel plans difficult to coordinate.

Is driving in Scotland difficult

The roads in Scotland can be quite small and windy, with high speed limits. This can make driving in Scotland less than ideal, especially if you are not used to it. There are alternatives to renting a car, such as using public transportation or taking taxis.

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How can I see Scotland in 10 days?

Spending 10 days in Scotland is a great way to see all that this beautiful country has to offer. Here is a suggested itinerary for how to spend those 10 days:

Day 1: Arrive in Edinburgh and explore the city. Spend time walking around the Royal Mile, visiting Edinburgh Castle, and enjoying the views from Calton Hill.

Day 2: Continue exploring Edinburgh, perhaps taking a day trip to St. Andrews or Falkland Palace.

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Day 3: Head to Scone Palace and then on to the Highlands. Spend the day hiking or exploring the area.

Day 4: Glenfinnan and Fort William are a must-see when in Scotland. Take a boat trip on Loch Ness and then explore the Glencoe Valley.

Day 5: The Isle of Skye is one of the most beautiful places in Scotland. Spend a day hiking and exploring the island.

Day 6: Another day on the Isle of Skye, perhaps visiting the Fairy Pools or taking a boat trip to the Outer Hebrides.

Day 7: Loch Lomond and the Trossachs National Park are a great way to spend a day. Take a hike or go for a scenic drive.

Day 8: Head to the historic town of Stirling and visit Stirling Castle and the Wallace Monument.

Day 9: Take a scenic drive through the Cairngorms National Park, stopping at picturesque towns and villages along the way.

Day 10: Return to Edinburgh and spend the day visiting museums, galleries, and other attractions before departing the next day.

Spending 10 days in Scotland is an amazing opportunity to experience the country’s natural beauty, rich history, and vibrant culture. This suggested itinerary offers a great balance of exploring cities, hiking in the Highlands, and discovering the stunning landscapes of the Isle of Skye and Cairngorms National Park. Don’t miss out on the chance to see all that Scotland has to offer on this unforgettable 10-day trip.

The cheapest time to travel to Scotland is off season: November 1 to December 12 and December 26 to March 14.
In the past few years, airlines have been offering irresistible fares during these periods.
And weekday flights are cheaper than weekend fares, often by 10% or more.

How much spending money will I need for a week in Scotland

The average trip to Scotland cost for travellers that want to vacation in Scotland is £70 to £190 per person per day (approximately $84 – $228 USD). This can be reduced if you plan on spending some nights camping and cooking most of your own meals.

If you’re visiting Edinburgh for the first time, we recommend spending at least two or three days in the city. This will give you enough time to explore the city centre and see the main sights.

Final Words

1. Isle of Skye
2. Loch Ness
3. Scotland’s Highlands
4. Glasgow
5. Edinburgh
6. St Andrews
7. Inverness
8. Royal Deeside
9. Dumfries and Galloway
10. The Orkney Islands
11. The Shetland Islands
12. The Hebrides

Must Visit Places on a Scotland Road Trip Itinerary:

1. Glasgow
2. Edinburgh
3. The Cairngorms
4. The Isle of Skye
5. The Orkney Islands
6. The Shetland Islands
7. The Loch Ness
8. The border town of Gretna Green
9. The Royal Palace of Holyroodhouse
10. The village of St. Andrews
11. The Glasgow Cathedral
12. The Edinburgh Castle